Moments that are wrapped in a retro atmosphere to feel the hot water Funabarakan experience forgetfulness the Amagi-style Toji WATSU -
Hanging with sourced water 100% hot water · Cooking around the hearth · Music enjoying with record


~ Moments of the journey to heal the experience - mind and body at the hot spring medical treatment in Funabarakan of Izu Amagi

  • The blessing of the hot springs as it is, from the ground, the real earth!

    Funabarakan's hot spring reaches the bathtub without touching the air from its own source.This is because miraculous temperature, 45 ℃ hot spring comes out.It does not heat or cool, a natural hot spring blows out from the bottom of the bathtub.Furthermore, 150 ℓ / min, you can bathe in the state of Funabarakan the amount of squirt that can not be used at all, with fresh flowing squid always with freshness and no deterioration.Since its founding, the hotel has been appreciating its fountain quality during hot spring trips, but this newly spewed source is the best in Funabarakan history.I would like to experience many happy people, enjoying the grace of the earth as it is, to many people.

A coined WATSU based on WATER SHIATSU relaxation WATSU

  • WATSU~hot spring treatment~ which is reported in the media

    It is a relaxation method that is said to be the ultimate, started by Mr. Harold Dull, an American who learned Japanese shiatsu in the 70s, based on WATER SHIATSU. You leave yourself to the instructor and you will be in a state of stress free from the feeling that you are floating in the zero gravity space.Normally, it is done using a pool, but if you make it a high quality hot spring with a source flow, it is the hot spring WATSU that has been WATSU.
    In between WATSU enthusiasts, but as there are customers are our bother coming from distant parts of Japan in order to receive the treatment in Tachi Yu
    For those who have not experienced, please experience the comfort of never experienced before.


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〒410-3216 518-1 Kamifunabara, Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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Izuhakone Railway Shuzenji Bus 20 min Funabara Onsen Getting off Funabara Onsen Tomei Numazu IC Route 136 Shuzenji 45 min from Toi
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